Natalia R., Fl

Alison’s readings are uplifting and intriguing. I love that she uses different tools to unveil what’s going on: not just astrology, but also Tarot, which deepens the reading. She’s warm and super easy to talk to and, more importantly, I always leave our sessions feeling more aligned and faithful for what’s to come.

Vanessa Simpkins, Confidence and cashflow expert

Alison’s reading gave me some key insights as to what to be focusing on in my life right now. All in all Alison’s reading was a wonderful confirmation as to where and what to focus my time energy and attention. Thank you SOOOO much Alison for this fabulous reading!

Susan Ferraro, Manifesting Coach

Alison was THE most accurate astrologer I have ever been read by! Not only was her warm positive approach encouraging and exciting, but she explained things in a way that I could understand and retain. I left our call with so much reassurance for the direction I have chosen for my life and I can’t wait to experience all that’s to come! I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Noelle D., Queens, NY

Through the lens of astrology, Alison has helped me better understand and accept many aspects of myself and my life, highlighting both challenge areas and natural strengths that can help me work through them.

Testimonial from course, Tintagels Gate, MA

I really liked our classes-hanging out and talking about astrology. It was a little like therapy. I learned things about myself that really made sense and put some pieces together. I also learned that some of those quirks are SUPPOSE to be there – like I’m meant to be this way .-Robin S.

Kiana Love, Be Wild Woman Founder, NYC

Accurate & whimsical, wish on a star astrology from Alison will inspire you to reach for the stars. Her hand drawn art chart captures the details, depths & the hope of the stars to guide you through the year. Be sure & get your transits from her each year to guide you.


Below you will find the info about my different offerings & appointment scheduler. Any questions, your birthday info & payment: haumea@gmail.com I will send you a free conference call number to call into so your reading can be recorded, and a few questions to answer before our readings.

Astro Arcana, explained

My own FUN creation!! – A combination of Tarot and Astrology to GET REAL on the consciousness of your Natal Chart. In combination with a Chart Reading it is the ULTIMATE CHECK-IN. There is a general way to do this reading, and we also can alter to it based on what your situation desires.

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A Season of Astrological Counseling

3 consecutive months of tuning into your chart and what is up for you. 1.5 hours at least per month of any Astrological service. This includes Any tools which could best serve you: Astro Arcana, Reiki, personal ritual, referrals, etc.

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